Romance frauds are crimes that target people from both sexes. The victims of these scams are often forced to send large sums of money to the fake partners, and they never get married. Some victims are even beaten up and robbed by the fake lovers. The FBI reports that at least 560 Arizonans will lose more than $12 million in romance scams in 2020. While the numbers are not as large as those in the U.S., they are still high enough to be dangerous to many victims.

Most victims of romance scams will receive a series of emails asking them to send money to their prospective partners. Often, these messages will ask for money for medical expenses or a business problem. Once the victim receives this first request, they will be told to send more money to the fake partner. Many times, the scammers will use elaborate stories to make their targets think they are paying for an expensive trip. For instance, one woman once asked for $23,000 to fly to Ghana for a meeting with her new lover.

Another common scam involving romance scams involves sending money to the fake partners. The victims are usually asked to send money to cover an emergency or a business problem. If they are able to convince you to do this, they will ask you for more money. This scammer will often try to lure you into believing he is helping them out by asking for more money. These crimes are common and the victims are not always aware of their fate.