If you haven’t heard of social media scams before, you’re not alone. In fact, over 25 million Canadians have a social media account, and up to 80% of them will use it by 2025. But there are a few common social-media scams to keep your safe. Here are some examples of these schemes. Don’t fall victim to them! Be smart and protect yourself from being a victim!

The most popular social-media scams are those involving contests. People who use these platforms are likely to receive a message informing them that they won a contest and need to click a link to claim their prize. To spot a phishing message, look for the following: poor grammar, misspellings, and a sense of urgency. Be careful and don’t be gullible. This way, you can avoid falling victim to these scammers and stay safe.

– The most common social media scams involve online sellers who don’t deliver the items you ordered. In these cases, the posts contain fake links to fake login pages. When clicking a link, make sure that the URL matches the social media site. If the URL doesn’t match, it might be a scam. Lastly, you should always check if the website is legitimate and not a fraud. Even if it seems legitimate, don’t be fooled by its appearance.